Winning Women


We believe in celebrating small wins, as they keep us motivated to do good work in the world. Therefore we encourage you to celebrate these small moments in your life wearing our shirts which will make you feel good even on your bad day. We want to build a community that cares about sustainable change and a positive impact on the environment. All our shirts are inspired by women creating positive changes around the world and we welcome you to celebrate this winning spirit

Tropical Leaves

For the Environment

The shirts are made with ring-spun cotton in a California based factory that runs on solar energy and uses 7x less water than most apparel manufacturers.

The ink used in the shirts is water based, which means they are completely free of PVC resin or plasticiser ensuring that no harmful chemicals are being released back into our ecosystem.

Our shirts are proudly American made from the beginning to the end of the process, creating local jobs (bringing back work from an
industry that is mainly done overseas.)

All shipments are sent from Washington and they are packaged in either a recycled or compostable poly-mailer.