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Tis' The Season to Give Consciously and Create Change

While this holiday will surely be a little different, there is something that doesn’t have to be, choosing how we show our love to our loved ones. If you have been looking for a special gift this season, look no further than products that create change.

We have compiled a list of gift ideas that are socially and environmentally responsible, so you can be sure that your money is going to the right hands.

1. The Adventure Project | Candle, Soap, and Hand Sanitizer Gel Gift Set

This gift set is a must have and we are sure that the person that you gift this to will be grateful with you, our favorite part of this product is that is made by a nonprofit focused on lifting people out of poverty through jobs and life-saving services for the community. When local economies thrive, children survive, and families escape poverty faster

2. Emilia George | 100% Sustainable Robe + Mask Gift Set

if you’re having a hard time thinking on gift ideas for a friend we recommend the mask and robe gift set by Emilia George , made out of 100% sustainable cupro you cant go wrong with this one.

3. Bogobrush

They’re like the Tom’s shoes of the oral hygiene world. Bogobrush was founded by a brother and sister, Heather and John Mcdougall, to decrease the waste created by plastic toothbrushes through using sustainable materials while giving back to impoverished kids of America.

4. Past Life | Khiember Dress

This dress combines a fashionable design that you can wear in any occasion with our love of sustainability, its made on its entirety by dead stock fabric, giving it a second life so you can rock it anytime, anywhere.

5. The IncrEDIBLE Spoon

Did you eat your spoon today? These award-winning spoons are all-natural, vegan, protein-rich, and have zero footprints. The spoons come in two shapes and eight flavors. They stay firm for 25 minutes in hot soup and 45 minutes in cold desserts. Saving our planet never tasted this good!

6. One Wild | Gift Set Sunset Collection

Where boho meets chic, this gift set gives you 3 different leather earrings to wear in any occasion, and the best part is that 1$ of every piece is donated to programs that encourage women and girls self confidence.

7. Elsie Guerrero | Promote Inclusion Book

The perfect gift for the kids in the family, this holiday instead of giving them a toy, give them a book, and our friends at Promote inclusion have the most amazing variety of books that are based around inclusion and help kids understand hard topics like cancer or immigration in a fun illustrated way.

8. Allbirds

Allbiis on a mission to prove that comfort, good design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The company is dedicated to making the most sustainable footwear we can using premium natural materials, designed for the to and from of everyday life.

9. The Endery | NEW Deadstock Mending Kit

you can gift clothes but as we all know the problem with fast fashion relies on the poor quality that results on your garment having dents or holes, that’s why this kit is a better idea, so your loved ones can repair their favorite garments instead of throwing them away.

10. Non-Negative | Light Blue Peace Silk Oversized Shirt

When buying clothes quality should be your main focus and this shirt will satisfy even the toughest critics, this shirt is made to last you many years and the silk gives it a premium feeling , Made with 100% handwoven indigenous Ahimsa Peace Silk Fabric, which is vegan alternative to regular silk.

11. Nimble | Disc Case

World’s only iPhone case made from 100% recycled compact discs. Compact Discs are mostly made of polycarbonate - a highly durable & recyclable plastic. Using specialized methods, discs are cleaned & compounded into new, high-grade material. Ideal for new products.

12. LSTN | Zebra Wood Satellite Bluetooth Speaker

Huge sound with a small footprint. The Satellite features portable design encased in real wood. At only 3.5" tall, it can come with you anywhere. Every LSTN purchase helps give hearing aids through Starkey Hearing Foundation. They've helped over 30,000 people so far.

13. Christopher Cloos Danish Eyewear | Cloos x Brady Espresso

The ideal gift for him, this sunglasses combine timeless, simple yet elegant designs with the latest innovation in recycled plastic, if they are good enough for Tom Brady to put his name on them they’ll be good enough for him, they’re also made in Denmark and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes.

14. PRISM | Emblem 2 in 1 Convertible Bag

The first product on our list is the prism emblem convertible bag, it has the versatility to turn from a bag to a wallet and it even has a special slot for your face mask , this bag is made out of vegan leather in factories that are certificated in ethical practices.

15. Mercado Global | Protective Face Mask

This hand-woven wallet takes any outfit a step higher , and you can be proud of owning this piece since its handmade and from a Brooklyn based company that empowers Latin American entrepreneurs and specially women designing collections for the international market while using traditional local weaving techniques, we are changing the status quo for women, communities, and the industry.

16. Winning Women Collection | Create Change Organic Crop Top T-shirt

Last but not least is one of our very own products, this t shirt is made and designed keeping women’s empowerment in mind, also made out of organic cotton with water-based inks so you can know that the carbon footprint is as low as it gets, this tee can be rocked in a zoom meeting or with a jacket when going out. We also encourage you to visit the website and see more of our amazing products.

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