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How You Can Help The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Are you aware of the ongoing conflict that is happening in Palestine? Over 500 children have been killed, with thousands more injured. We are raising awareness on this by first, sharing the following information, which can better help us understand and stand against these human rights violations. In October 2020 Israeli court justifies Israeli settlers moving into Palestinian homes from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem. 12 families must pay $20000 in fees to cover legal expenses. In the holy month of Ramadan, the Israeli forces attacked worshippers inside Al Aqsa Mosque leaving many wounded and untreated. With everything happening right now with the Israeli-Palestine Conflict, headlines can be confusing. It is important to understand the long complicated history of the conflict.

Britain took control of the Palestine area after the Middle East ruler of the Ottoman Empire was defeated in WW1. This land was inhabited by a Jewish and Arab. Many jews flew from persecution in Europe and seeking a homeland after the Holocaust of WWII. In 1948, British rulers left and Jewish leaders declared the formation of the state of Israel. In 1947, the UN voted for the partition of Palestine where it will be divided into Jewish and Arab states and Jerusalem as an independent city. It was accepted by Jews but rejected by Arabs.

In the war 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and Gaza. Most Palestinian community living in Gaza and the West Bank and Jordan. Their descendants were not allowed by Israel to return to their homes, Palestines objected to this rule and war started. By the time the fighting ended, Israel controlled most of Jordan occupied land which became known as the West Bank, and Egypt occupied Gaza. Jerusalem was divided into Israel in the West and Jordan in the East. Because there was never a peace agreement - each side blamed the other - there was more war.

Since 2006, Gaza has been ruled by Hamas, a Palestine militant group, which has fought against Israel many times. Tensions have escalated since the start of the holy month of Ramadan, where during mid-April 2021 the Israeli forces attacked worshippers, Which led to the events of an airstrike by Israel and rocket attacks by Gaza.

The case of ongoing settler colonialism taking place in front of our eyes in Israel is extremely upsetting, terrifying, and life-threatening for Palestinians right now. They need our support through all means, from raising awareness, protests, and donations.

International businesses, non-profit organizations and charities are standing with the Palestine community but they need of our voice and donation. Below is a list of where you can make your donations and/or purchases which will aid those affected in this crisis. Your support is vital to the recovery of Palestinian communities now.


  1. IF Charity

  2. Palestine Children's Relief Fund

  3. Rebuilding Alliance

  4. United Palestinian Appeal

  5. Museum of the Palestinian People

Businesses that are donating some or all of their profits to Palestine:

  1. Guanabana

  2. Bintang

  3. Ramo Ramen

  4. Louza

  5. Just Got Snacked

  6. The Bake Box Company

  7. MolDelight

  8. Drip and Drizzle Bakery

  9. Juma Kitchen

  10. Caked By Noor

  11. Cookies Club by Faiza

  12. Bycharred

  13. Bakd byzainabj

  14. Keep It Cake

  15. Ya Hala Desserts

  16. Sea Therapeutics

  17. Papayo London

  18. Bysalmashah

  19. Qadr Jewellery

  20. Yarouhi Scents

  21. Henna By Shifa

  22. Glimmering Gifts

  23. Thamina Draws

  24. Designed By Fatima

  25. Echoaie

Can't donate? Share this list with others and make sure to credit Halal Girl and Land Palestine the curators of the above lists.

Remember, even the smallest action can have a big impact.

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