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Honoring Your Everyday Wins (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Dream big, Start small. How many times have we heard this saying? These four words have always been extremely famous when it comes to encouragement and making an impact. As we grow up, our dreams seem to be harder to reach. However, what we must remember is that even if our destination may vary, there are still plenty of ways to achieve our dreams. One example is to start acknowledging all those hidden small wins picked along the way.

With this article, we want to bring you stories that started small and turned out to have a big impact.

When in the late 1700s, the teenager, Jane Austen started writing about what life was like during her times, she didn’t expect that those writing would turn into six major novels that have become known as some of the best writings. Some of these novels are Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma. Unfortunately, she only got credit after she passed away as she was publishing them anonymously during her time. Jane today is carried in the pocket of many people. In fact, her face is on the £10 note to remember and celebrate the enormous impact she has been having even generations after her death. You might be wondering what the small victory of Jane was? One small victory was picking that pen and paper and start writing. No excuses, no over-thinking, just doing. Another girl who made an impact starting with a pen and a paper is Malala Yousafzai. Malala wrote in her diary about how important it was for her to stay in education as the Talibans wanted to ban school education for girls. She is now well-known all over the world for being the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize and for that same diary which has been read all over the world.

Acknowledging your small wins doesn’t mean settling, it means taking a step closer towards your main goal, and the main scope of Winning Women Series is to support you and encourage you during your journey. We don’t want to focus on empowerment, because we believe that all womxn are born empowered. However, not all womxn receive the support and the encouragement they need. Hence why, we created a community where all womxn can connect and support each other along the way. Our values are very simple but powerful and they are:

Encourage: Support and inspire with courage and confidence

Impact: Take small actions and influence ethically

Learn: Never stop learning and achieving your goals

To celebrate small wins with you we launched the Winning Women Collection. A sustainable fashion brand that can remind you of your goals while being sustainably trendy and motivated. Keep an eye on our shop because there are so many great designs coming out soon! Our collection can be found on our shop page.

If you are an emerging artist, creator, entrepreneur, scientist, thinker we would love to hear about you and your dreams. Contact us and share with us your thoughts and small wins.

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