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Graduating in COVID - 19: Advice for the class of 2021

As we have approached summer, for some of us, especially students as their academic years have come to an end, this summer will certainly be a little difficult for those graduate students who are entering the job market and never before have the students missed the opportunity to meet potential employers through job fairs and campus placements. But now they have, however, there are few steps which you can take to make informed decisions for the future during these difficult times.

Consider remote working - Adding experience to the CV during these times will be beneficial for the future. This will show potential to employers that you were able to adapt to this situation and this will make your application more competitive. Even if the job may or may not be in your interested industry and area, it will be an opportunity to add experience to your CV and develop transferable skills.

Prepare for virtual hiring and networking - Sometimes your network can help you find opportunities. Our lead designer Sheyla says “reaching out to people to build meaningful relations can help you strongly build a network of people who can vouch for you “. LinkedIn, Dots are some of the sites where it's best to build your digital presence.

Start a business - Turn your passion into something, it doesn't matter what you decide to do. See how you can align your passion with your career goals. Our social media wizard Valentina who runs a startup ( ) along with her job advises those who want to create something of their own “ it doesn't matter what you decide to do in life, just do it if it lights sparkle in you, because that way, any job you take, you are not gonna feel it like a job, you are gonna have fun, at the same time that you learn and grow as a person!”

Looking for new opportunities in the sustainability space? Are you looking to build your career focused on creating an impact in the world?

Introducing our official Job Board where you will find job listings from companies, startups, nonprofits working towards creating a positive change.

Go check it out now at and be ready to start a new exciting chapter in your life and at the same time be part of a sustainability & impact movement!

Remember good things come to those who wait, but dreams come true of those who act.

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