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What would you do if you only had a few years to stop catastrophic climate change? Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, and environmentally friendly products and recycled packaging materials is more than just a trend. It’s a serious move companies are making to not only protect our planet’s natural resources but also to appeal to more eco-minded consumers.

Businesses can embrace sustainability across the entire supply chain while supporting the communities around them. By adopting a circular economy into their business and embracing an attitude of repairing, reusing and recycling as opposed to disposing of their products, this can help create new jobs and opportunities for individuals while helping the environment. 

This month, we are focusing on the importance of sustainability as something to embrace not only in the short-term, but in the longer-term and how startups and Corporations are developing initiatives and pushing their entire supply chain towards reinventing how to explore, make, and source products.

Join us this Thursday, June 24th from 5-6:30pm to learn how embracing sustainability is an effort which requires collaboration between businesses, governments and consumers, and how it’s our responsibility and duty as business leaders to be out front driving change and leading by example.

Featured Speaker

Stacy Grace is the founder of KENT, the compostable underwear brand that’s on a mission to help save the planet, one supernatural basic at a time.


A Canadian living in LA, Stacy started her career in sustainable business consulting across apparel, consumer goods and entertainment in North America, UK and Europe and started KENT after being frustrated with her underwear drawer filled with scratchy, unbreathable and uncomfortable synthetics.




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From running the world's most impact driven companies to designing sustainable products; our speakers invent world-changing devices and create positive change within their community.

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