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Afghanistan continues to be a place of violence and instability, especially for women. Because of this, evacuation for women seeking to leave Afghanistan has been ongoing. Last month, the Taliban announced that women would be allowed to work and attend school—unlike the last time they were in power. However, Taliban officials directed that for now, women should stay home, on the grounds that Taliban forces are untrained and may hurt women. Many human rights groups question whether the Taliban will ever reverse this supposedly temporary stay-home policy.


What can be done? What can you do? 

Join us, along with a panel of experts on Thursday, September 23rd from 5-6:30 pm who will examine the current crisis, predictions for the coming years, and new efforts to protect and support the women of Afghanistan.

Featured Speaker

Pashtana Durrani

Pashtana Durrani started her journey as an activist and human rights defender. She is now a Community development expert. Focusing on Digital literacy, SRHR, MHM, and WASH. She is the founder and Director of grassroots-level non-profit LEARN Afghanistan.

Through LEARN's project Soraya, she has educated 900 girls and boys in Kandahar. Through Project Ayesha Durrani, she has trained more than 80 teachers in digital literacy. Through LEARN's Project Malalai, Durrani has reached out to 150 girls and trained them in Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Pashtana received the Malala Fund Education champion award and received a development Fellowship on sexual and reproductive healthcare from Aspens Institute. She is an International member's youth representative for Amnesty International.

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