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In 2020 the whole world paused and as uncertainty grew, most of us started adapting to this pandemic life. And while many organizations are focused on the main obstacles and the recovery for the economy, we want to open a conversation on what the present and future of our health look like for each one of us. 


Although we still have a lot of questions about how this virus works and how it evolves so fast, looking back we can be sure that we are not in the same place as we were two years ago.

On May 12th, 2022, "Recover Your Peace & Health Summit 2022"  will convene 25+ medical practitioners in the areas of infectious disease, respiratory, cardiology, neurology, skin, dermatology. Come learn about your health, how to be your own advocate, how to take preventive measures to manage your and your family’s health and what to expect for the next months.

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  • Primary care

  • Pulmonary medicine

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  • Nephrology

  • Psychiatry

  • Physical and occupational therapy

  • Radiology

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  • Neuropsychiatry

  • Behavioral health

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