Our digital panels are offered monthly  to the public.  If you are looking to become a more conscious leader and decision maker, these 1-hour panels can help provide the essential skills and direction you need. 

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Women are often on the front lines in the battle against climate change and are often hit hardest by environmental issues – especially in developing countries. 

Join us April 22nd from 7 to 8 PM EST to learn more about zero waste principles which are followed during garment production to reduce waste, and how different apps are developed to find the perfect outfit for you to rent or to swap. Let's celebrate and learn about sustainable business practices, and ways you can help reduce your own environmental "footprint."

In this event, you will take away little acts that can make a big difference and an impact;

  • How to take action, make a difference in your community

  • What to share with others. You will talk about climate change and the environment with friends and family. 

  • What companies you should purchase sustainable products from. 


You will walk away feeling confident in choosing organic, sustainably made while boycotting bad corporate behavior.



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From running the world's most impact driven companies to designing sustainable products; our speakers invent world-changing devices and create positive change within their community.

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