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Join our community of ambitious women and start cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, one small win at a time.

Winning Women

Small Wins Matter

Each day is an opportunity to achieve something great, and even the smallest victories can provide tremendous inspiration. When we learn to appreciate these wins for what they are, we can use them as powerful tools to overcome any obstacle or challenge that comes our way. Whether it's a minor accomplishment or a major triumph, taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate our successes can help to keep us motivated and driven to keep pushing forward. 


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Meet Our Speakers

At Winning Women Series, we aim to feature emerging artists, creators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and thinkers, introducing them to the community well before they reach the mainstream.

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Lori A. Manns

February 2023

Founder and President of Quality Media Consultant Group

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Georgie-Ann Getton

February 2023

CEO of GSD Solutions

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Julie Obaso

February 2023

Head of Marketing at Blu3 Global

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The Winning Women Series Blog features candid conversations with female change-makers. These remarkable women delve into what it takes to establish a thriving career or grow a business while managing life on their own terms and overcoming both professional and personal challenges.

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Winning Women Series is a platform dedicated to empowering women to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and achieve their goals one small win at a time. By signing up for our personalized newsletter, you will gain valuable insights on how our community can inspire and support you to take the next steps in your life. Join us today and become part of a vibrant network of strong, successful women!

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